Glenwood Ave Project

About This Project

These folks came to me by referral because they had a contractor that did not do what they said they were going to do and left the customer in a bad way. When I met with the customer they told me the horror story of what they went through and took me around to show me the work that was done. I was in shock that people would do this kind of stuff. I had to point out more things that had to be fixed that the customer was not aware of, making thing worse but trying to gain their trust and make them feel at ease. After they agreed to go ahead with us with caution we started the job. After a few days of fixing everything that was not right they finally realized they had contractor that will do what they say and was onsite to explain step by step what was happening when it was happening. We graded, installed irrigation/drip, rock for drainage, Zoysia Sod, plant beds, trees, and bushes. Customer could not have been more pleased and since has referred us to other folks they know.