Taftwoods West Project 1

About This Project

Tom & Candice Birch
Taftwoods West

Concrete Patio & Walkway with Japanese maple tree garden

This job was a fun project and a vision of Tom Birch. These were/are current customers that Parkway Landscaping cuts grass for. One day Tom said hey what do you think about a tree garden in the back yard? Also he said I believe Candice would like to have a patio put in for chairs and a table. So the process began but a little different cause Tom a Japanese Maple guru wanted to pick out his trees and had the vision of where he wanted them planted. Parkway designed along with customer the walkway, patio and landscaping to go along with the new outdoor living. Parkway suggested adding big river rock to Tom’s tree garden. This was a very fun project that was assisted by the home owners. All ideas brought to life.